Cloud Concerns for the Manufacturing Enterprise Quickly Fading

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According to Gartner Research, in the three years since it started measuring the Cloud Computing Services Model, the delivery model has moved from #14 to #1 on the Gartner's list of CIO priorities. A few years ago many manufacturers quickly overlooked transition to the cloud because of the obvious security concerns and “what if” scenarios of risk. For example, what if the internet goes down or how can we ensure our data is secure out on the web?

Today, cloud concerns are quickly fading because of a few major developments in the market:

  • What’s the “Cloud”? Although some industries have different ideas of what the cloud means for their business, the term and idea is much more widely spread these days than it was just a few years back, making adoption of the concept more acceptable.
  • Advanced Data Centers. Data Centers now have their “ducks in a row” when it comes to offering ERP software in the cloud. They have strict access controls and backup plans to ensure that your company isn’t left out to dry if anything unpredictable happens.
  • Economic Pressure. Manufacturers are also pressured to do more with less these days and cloud computing makes that possible. By just paying a low monthly subscription fee, small to mid-sized companies can have access to in-depth information that they never had before. They can play with the big guys and proactively plan and streamline their operations.
  • Just Keeps Growing. Gartner Group estimates that worldwide end-to-end Cloud Computing Services Model revenue will reach almost $149 billion by 2015. The manufacturing sector is quickly realizing the benefits of cloud computing.

If you’re beginning to see opportunity in the cloud instead of risk and concern, it may be time to do your research and find what cloud computing solution will work best for your manufacturing operation. Feel free to contact us here at Sikich if you have any questions or concerns about ERP in the cloud.


By Sikich, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner based out of Chicago


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