Cargas Energy Support Team’s Words of Wisdom: Customized Software versus a Standardized Version

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We develop a product called Cargas Energy, software and mobile technologies for fuel delivery and HVAC service companies. It’s an operational tool that equips field workers with devices that automatically update the main office and vice versa, increasing efficiency and improving productivity of the field.  The number of customers we have for Cargas Energy has doubled year over year and because of this, we have made some changes to the product development, for the better.

In the past, we would custom develop a solution for each of our clients which meant additional time/budget spent on each customization that resulted in unique support needs for each of our clients. The standardization for Cargas Energy has created a number of benefits for our clients:

-        Cost Effective- Because the development team at Cargas has implemented standardized versions of Cargas Energy many times before, the time they spent on your implementation will be significantly less. This means less costs and a quick turnaround time.

-        Latest and Greatest- Current users of Cargas Energy are now benefiting from the latest and greatest in software. Although it may not be what they’re used to, support at Cargas is there to walk them through any user issues they encounter along the way. Staying with the familiar can hold a company back. So when change is in order, it’s important to have support you can count on.

-        Timely Enhancements and Upgrades- When one customer receives or requests an enhancement or upgrade, it’s automatically made available to all customers. This is an added benefit that wasn’t available with custom developments.

-        Proactive vs. Reactive Support- When the support team encounters a bug for one client, they can proactively reach out to clients that haven’t experienced it yet to avoid the potential downtime they might experience. It is also allowing the support team to create best practice documentation that will help users easily troubleshoot some of the hardware, software, and connectivity issues experienced for both mobile workers as well as the main office.

For more information on Cargas Energy or custom versus standardized deployments, please contact us for more information or visit our website.


By Julie Fuller with Cargas Systems, Delaware Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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