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Are You Getting Good Backups of Your Dynamics GP Databases?

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Recently we have assisted some clients that did not have a properly defined backup process in place. A properly defined set of procedures and policies surrounding backups is one of the most vital parts of an ERP system. The last thing we want to face is a system crash or corruption when we do not have a validated and verified backup.

The nice thing about Microsoft Dynamics GPis that the backend database uses Microsoft SQL Server. Microsoft SQL Server has several backup processes and utilities that can be put in place to assist with defining your backup policies. Using Microsoft SQL Server we can define backup routines, schedule routines, perform consistency checks, and define the locations of the physical backups. From within Microsoft Dynamics GP the end user has the ability to create a quick backup of the database that leverages the Microsoft SQL Server backup tools as well.

The end user can decide to run a quick backup prior to running payroll, processing a large payables check run, or posting a large batch of transactions. By making a quick backup prior to launching these sensitive tasks, Microsoft Dynamics GP gives us the ability to “roll-back” should any disruptions occur during the processing.

As with any backup plan, there needs to be a clear and concise definition of when backups occur, who is verifying the backups to ensure they are restorable, as well as where the physical backups should reside. Also, there should be discussions regarding “off-site” backups, because saving a backup locally to your server will not be of any use if the server burns up in an office fire.

Scheduling, restore testing, physical locations, and off site backups are all things that should be considered when defining your backup plan. If you have any questions about the validity of your current backup plan or if you would like to discuss developing a backup plan (including backups to the “cloud”) please feel free to contact us at Intelligent Technologies, Inc.

by Intelligent Technologies

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