Introducing Social ERP: Is it Time to Bring Facebook into Your Enterprise?

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According to this article on Panorama Consulting, “Enterprise 2.0, social ERP, and other buzzwords related to enterprise software combined with social media are quickly gaining momentum in the ERP software industry.” Some companies are reluctant to go down the social media path while others are adopting it left and right. Which is the correct path to go down and should you walk, run, skip, or crawl?

 Social media has caused us to rethink how we communicate in life and in business. The usability of tools such as Facebook makes communication easy and fun to do. The problem with it is it’s not exactly secure for some business conversations. It is and can be a great marketing tool to promote your business, but not the best way to interact about business or specific projects. Without the security concerns, social media has the tools to increase productivity in the workplace and improve collaborative efforts. For example, message boards and instant messaging connects people quickly and gives them a chance to proactively solve business problems…together. These tools can be effective in the workplace, but they should also be tied into your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution so conversations are easily tracked and there’s somewhat of a “paper trail” to prove how certain business decisions were made or how projects progress.

 If you’re contemplating bringing Facebook into the enterprise, consider creating a similar user-friendly interface that acts like Facebook, but is secured and maintained with your ERP solution. It can create the functionality needed to do business effectively, without the security and tracing concerns. If you have questions on how to customize your software to meet this functionality, we can help. We are one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics partners in Pennsylvania and are here to answer your questions. Call us up at 717.560.9928.

 By Jullie Fuller with Cargas Systems,  Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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