How an ERP Solution is Like my Morning Latte

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An ERP solution should make your life easier and if it does not, then it’s time to change it up. As I sip my latte this morning, I’m surprised at how many similarities I can find between my drink and my ERP solution. Let’s take a look at how an ERP solution should revitalize your workplace, similar to how your latte makes those Monday mornings just a little bit better!

  • Jumpstarts my business- An ERP solution should jumpstart a business, not hold it back. If you feel limited with what you can do because of your ERP solution, then it’s a major sign that you’re ready for a change of pace. ERP solutions should scale with your growing business and meet your needs now and into the future. Similar to my latte, my ERP solution gives me the little boost I need to get going in the right direction.
  • Energizes my team- In addition to jumpstarting business processes, an ERP solution should energize your team, not frustrate them. User adoption can be a huge issue at companies with an outdated ERP solution. The solution ends up causing more headaches than helping, resulting in employees opting out of using it at all. When this happens, no one is on the same page and most everyone is dealing with time-consuming and manual processes. Similar to my latte, my ERP solution gives my employees the energy they need because they don’t have to seek manual workarounds and it’s easy to find the information they need.
  • Enhanced productivity- The right ERP solution jumpstarts, energizes, and revitalizes the workplace and a huge benefit of this is enhanced productivity. With people working together, fueled by the real-time and accurate information provided by their ERP solution, productive things happen. Tasks become more efficient, teams become more effective, and team leaders/managers become more proactive. Similar to my latte, my ERP solution gives me the tools to be more productive with my time.

All this talk about lattes is making me want one more. If all this talk about an ERP solution is making you want to change out your current situation, feel free to contact us at Cargas Systems. We are a Microsoft Dynamics® GP Partner and would be happy to answer your questions.


By Julie Fuller with Cargas Systems, Delaware Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

1 thought on “How an ERP Solution is Like my Morning Latte”

  1. I love the example you taken to define the simplicity of ERP, actually it denpends on the understanding of ERP systems, if we understand how the erp working and what is our needs, then only ERP makes our life as simple as we walk on our foot, as simple as birds fly in the sky and as simple as any things which we consider it is our left hand work (so simple to do).

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