ERP Software Spending is on the Incline Again

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Gartner Research has revealed new statistics that show that while a small decline may have to be overcome in 2011, a 2.3 percent expansion of the ERP Software market is likely in 2012 and further booms are predicted until 2015.

There is no doubt that the economy has made every business think twice about expenditures, operations, and how to remain profitable.  Changes in consumer demand, cost of business, and uncertainty with the global economy have had a significant impact on businesses.  The economic uncertainty has caused businesses to stockpile cash and limit capital expenditures.  This could be one reason behind the slight decline in ERP system purchases.  Many businesses that are not using ERP software right now do not have the full insight into their financials and operations.  This in itself can lead to challenges in understanding whether or not they can afford to purchase an ERP software system in the first place.

ERP software such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides deep insight into business financials and powerful control over operations.  Microsoft Dynamics GP moves the most important business data, your accounting and financials, from paper and spreadsheets into a single, easy to use program.  Controls within the software ensure that critical data is entered appropriately, reducing the chance for human error.  Automating calculations, approval routings, and financial transactions saves valuable time.  Since the software is so easy to use, your financials are kept current.  No more waiting for month-end or quarter-end to determine the status of budgets or cash flow.  One of the best features of Microsoft Dynamics GP is the Business Analyzer which will help you find the right information and print off intelligent financial reports that will help you make important decisions about your business and keep you competitive in your marketplace.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV takes ERP to a whole new level with modules tailored for the manufacturing, supply chain, distribution, and other industries.  Adding other business operations into software will show you how to streamline processes, remove overlapping tasks and waste, and how to optimize the differentiators  of your business.  Automating business operations, such as inventory management, will help reduce costs, save time, and reduce the chance for errors.  Sales and marketing data can also be entered to help you identify potential sales opportunities, improve customer satisfaction, and build loyalty.

The use of ERP software such as Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV is giving businesses a significant advantage over their competition.  Users of ERP software have greater visibility into their business, have more control over their financials, and can make quicker business decisions.  The sales of ERP software are certain to grow as businesses discover that they can afford such intelligent business management software as Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  Not only can they afford to buy it, they are realizing that they can’t afford not to.


By Jim Krahn with BDO Solutions, Leading Canadian Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Partner

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