Elva DMS – An End-to-End Vehicle Dealer Management Solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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The automotive and vehicle industry is big in Michigan and other parts of the country as well – and it is actually going through some growth after many lean years of restructuring.  So we are really excited about this great software solution called Elva Baltic Vehicle Dealer Management Solution (Elva DMS), which we are helping to introduce to the U.S. market.  The certified  solution is a Microsoft Dynamics NAV-based solution which includes end-to-end  functionality that an auto or other vehicle sales and service organization requires, including vehicle sales, service management, service scheduler, spare part sales, time control, CRM, and accounting management. To see a quick video about the solution, visit the Elva Elva DMS YouTube video here.  

The Elva DMS solution is ideally suited for all types of vehicle sales and service organizations, including those for new and used car and truck dealerships, recreational vehicles, public transportation, aviation, boats and other marine vehicles, garden equipment, and warehousing equipment.  Dealers and service organizations face many multifaceted business challenges such as stock and resource planning, large product and job catalogues, and staff management as well as manufacturer requirements.

At The TM Group, a Michigan partner for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM, we have a long history of working with distributors in the automotive and logistics industry, and so we think the Elva DMS and Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution is a great fit.   The automation, integration, and comprehensive features of Elva DMS will be of great value to our clients in this important space.

Here’s what Raimonds Dilsons, development director of automotive industry solutions for Elva DMS, explains:  “Although new to the United States, Elva DMS is a mature software solution with many implementations for European dealers.  We serve vehicle dealers of various makes including Bentley, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Nissan, Volvo, Yamaha, Mitsubishi Motors, and Peugeot. It is also used by several independent vehicle service companies and spare part traders.  We have a great reputation in our industry.

The Elva DMS (Dealer Management Solution) for Microsoft Dynamics NAV with The TM Group’s implementation, development, and services ensures:

•Coordinated work in both service and parts
•User friendly car sales management
•Full historical log of both the vehicle and a client including information about a car owner, service history, warrantees, and insurance
•Better service work management including automatic spare part ordering, and status tracking of ordered spare parts
•Monitoring of service technician employees' productivity
•Integration of parts and labor operation's catalogues from original equipment manufacturers and independent providers
•Integrated financial and accounting bookkeeping
•Accurate multi-site operational and financial consolidated reporting
•Improved information for budget planning and analysis
•Easier to use software because it utilizes Microsoft Windows and Office based technology that will be more familiar to new, younger employees than most preexisting DMS solutions
•Multi-currency rates and reporting
•The elimination of having to double enter key business data
•Timely observation of resource loading
•The ability to change the system in the future if requirements of manufacturers change – and they will change
•Invoices for insurers, settlements of accounts on warrantees, recall repair management

For more information about Elva DMS (Dealer Management Solution) with integrated Microsoft Dynamics NAV financials, feel free to contact me directly, at [email protected] or call 888.482.2864.

By The TM Group, a Michigan Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM partner for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint and Office365

2 thoughts on “Elva DMS – An End-to-End Vehicle Dealer Management Solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV”

  1. Hi Dear,

    We are using the service management software of Elva DMS and there is a table “Service Allocation Entry” which keep the date & time in decimal format ‘63545596.167014’. we are using the jet reports for reporting solution, now I need the conversion formula form decimal value to date & time.

    thank you in advance

  2. I have to admit, this is a very tempting solution for dealer managing…right now we are just using a free one, autoeasydms.com, which of course has us doing a lot of paper work and such…

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