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Barry Knaster, the Knaster Technology Group

Dynamics GP…with Friends

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After watching my family and friends become obsessed (possessed?) by Words with Friends (a mobile Scrabble- like interactive app)  I finally succumbed and am now an avid participant. Not willing (or smart enough) to leave well enough alone, I then opted in to join Chess with Friends – both games now diminish my productivity (but so far my boss has not complained). 

But on demand interaction with friends and colleagues certainly must have some practical value, right?  Especially considering an ERP solution where often thousands of contacts are available.

Imagine having the ability from within the ERP solution  to instantaneously interact with customers and vendors in a fashion that improves efficiency and effectiveness. Question a salesperson when entering a sales invoice.  Checking  with a vendor to see if an item is in stock. Figuring out why a past due invoice has not been paid.  And of course, placing orders.

Turns out Dynamics GP2010 offers this very ability. It's called  Unified Communications. Here is how it works:  For customers using Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and Office Communicator 2007, you can see the contact’s communicator status within Dynamics GP and start a video call, initiate a phone call, or send an email. You can then view customer and vendor information and create a sales quote, invoice, or purchase order - directly from an instant message conversation! 

Unified Communications works within the Dynamics GP 2010 Payables Management, Purchase Order Processing, Receivables Management, Sales Order Processing, Collections Management, Invoicing, Field Service, Project Accounting, and Payroll modules – Wow! 

Check out the above link for a more information about Unified Communications, courtesy of Dynpartnercommunity  

Gotta run,  time to play another word… 

By: The Knaster Technology Group,  Microsoft Silver Partner -  Enterprise Resource Planning

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