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Achieve Better Business Performance with Process Improvements

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A new Aberdeen Group Research Report “ERP in SME 2011” (ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning, SME- Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) compares the results of those companies who have implemented ERP with those who have not. Aberdeen researchers identified best-in-class performance of top SME companies, including:

  • 2.69 days to close a month (including financial statements)
  • 33.11 Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • 96% complete and on-time delivery of products and services
  • 21% growth in operating profit margins over past two years

How does your performance compare?

If your organization is not performing at these levels, what steps do you need to take to improve? One of the suggested actions from the Aberdeen researchers includes standardizing business procedures. If you haven’t taken a hard, objective look at your business processes lately, it’s time.

In a previous post, we discussed the first steps as you examine current business processes to identify problem areas. Once you have completed that step, you can focus on the potential solutions. Initial exploration of solutions for the future business processes should concentrate on the underlying issue and not the technology.

Process not technology

Most stories of failed implementations can be traced back to the lack of clearly identifying the expected outcomes of any business operation and effectively communicating to those who are involved. Envision the solution, get agreement from the department members, and then consider the technology options that could enable that improvement.

Best-in-Class Business Performance Webinar series

KTL Solutions is holding a “CFO Best-in-Class Performance” Webinar Series that will help you understand how you can implement business practices of top performing organizations in your organization. Based on best practices recommendations from the Aberdeen Group whitepaper, we’ll help you move your organization forward.

Our first session is titled 5 Steps to Business Process Improvement. Join us on November 17 from 11-11:45 am EST. We’ll give you materials to help you guide your team to evaluate and improve business processes. Through a systematic approach you can replace outdated procedures with efficient operations. During the webinar, we will give you the link to a web page with supporting templates for you to start your own business process analysis.

Register for the business process improvement webinar and take the first steps to better performance. Contact Gary or 866-960-0001 and let’s talk about how you can improve your organization’s productivity.

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