5 Reasons to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

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Each time I write a blog about Microsoft Dynamics GP I become more familiar with the features and benefits that they offer. After reading information about it, I was asking myself “If I already have financial accounting software, why would I switch?” So that’s why I’m writing this blog for those who asked the same question as me. There are about 50 reasons why you should upgrade, but I’m only listing five. These are five reasons to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP:


1. Better Analytics Option:

With Microsoft Dynamics GP you would have the option of targeting your onlookers with specific data with access to about 100 Microsoft SQL server reporting services.

2. Quick Access to insight you need:

Your employees can customize their KPI’s and dashboards. It would now be easier to work with the information you need based on your position.

3. Integration with Excel:

Create analysis by using report builder. You can use lots of data sources to build from more than 200 Microsoft Excel reports.

4. Increase Relationships:

Enhance your relationship with clients and vendors by using instant messaging that Dynamics GP 2010 offers you with you also can hold live meetings with video and audio.

5. Track data with mini applications:

Create business applications without the annoyance of writing new codes and there’s no hassle of looking for information spread throughout multiple sources.


By: Natalie Williams, Marketing Coordinator, WebSan Solutions Inc., a Canadian Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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