Time to Bring Facebook into Your Enterprise?

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Some companies don’t allow access to Facebook while some use it as a vital tool in their marketing and sales models.  Which is the right path to go down and should you walk, run, skip, or crawl?

There are many benefits to using social media sites for business – they are easy to use and can improve communication between you and your customers, vendors, and even business associates.  Social media can also shed some light on how you might improve your business operations, product, and customer service.  Some corporations also use social sites to provide offers, tips and information, or use contests to keep the attention of their customers.  Customer loyalty, satisfaction, and repeat business are important to capture and maintain.  However, the risks for using social media are also precarious – there is little to no security to protect customer or corporate privacy and there is no control or process for collecting consistent data.  So, what is a company to do?

Before jumping on the social media bandwagon, first decide on what you want to accomplish by using social media.  Does your current business software have an add-on module that might accomplish your goals in a more safe and secured manner?  Microsoft Dynamics® GP is strong business intelligent software that will give your employees quick access to the critical information that they need to work productively and efficiently.  Both structured and flexible, employees can enter and access data from financials to manufacturing and supply chain to sales and marketing.  Standard or customized reports are easily prepared and shared among employees within any office location and on many mobile devices.  Employees can communicate and collaborate on business tasks through Microsoft Dynamics GP software, and protect private corporate data.

To build stronger relationships with your customers,  look no further than Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  This powerful software will help you improve customer service from initial sales to contract to project completion.  You can track every interaction with your customers, each sales or marketing contact, and more.  You won’t need to wonder if your customer was mailed your current promotion or whether your sales representative is keeping up on phone calls.  With just a few clicks, you can check on your customers and make sure they are receiving consistent customer service.  Since Microsoft Dynamics CRM is more controlled than social media sites, you can then examine your interactions to see what sales or marketing programs were more successful than others.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM will help you streamline your sales and marketing processes which will give you more time with your customers and less time shuffling papers.  You will also see a reduction in the sales lifecycle and higher close rates.

There is a lot of buzz about merging business intelligence software with social media software.  The popularity and ease of use of social media software, like Facebook, combined with the business intelligence software of ERP, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP could be very powerful.  Unfortunately, the security and structure isn’t there yet.  In the meantime, Microsoft Dynamics CRM will give you the security, structure, and power to improve employee and customer interactions.

By Rimrock Corporation, Toronto Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner


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