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The Microsoft SQL Server Advantage When Choosing an ERP Solution

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When choosing a new ERP system, (financial management or accounting solution) it is important to consider the technical underpinnings and the advantages during the software evaluation process.  Microsoft Dynamics® GP is built on Microsoft SQL® Server, which has many advantages when using, maintaining, and reporting on the system.

SQL Server is a relational database created by Microsoft.  This means that all of your data from your Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting system is stored within the database, and when you create, update, or otherwise modify your records, you are working with data stored in the SQL Server.  SQL Server works under an operational model of record locking.  With record locking, each individual record − when opened by a user − will be locked from change by any other user. This ensures that when multiple people are working in the accounting system, the actions of one user cannot be overwritten by another user. As long as multiple people are not working on the same record, they can work in the same area of the system without interfering with each other.

In addition, SQL Server has a robust set of maintenance tools.  Database backups can be performed easily and automated to ensure disaster recovery is possible.  Security within the database can be configured so users don’t have access to sensitive data.  And as an enterprise-grade database system, SQL Server can effortlessly process thousands of transactions simultaneously with the ability to scale from a small organization of a couple of users to large corporations with hundreds of users.  SQL Server has a legacy of extremely high uptime (99.9999%), high performance, and great security.

With your ERP software you want reliability, performance, and the flexibility to let your users work without interfering with each other to ensure that you can enter, review, and report on your data easily. SQL Server enables all of these things, and Microsoft Dynamics GP is built to take full advantage of the platform.

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By Brian Bender Microsoft Dynamics GP Developer, The Resource Group – Seattle, Washington Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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