The 3 P's of ERP Selection

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When considering a new ERP solution, so many organizations focus only on the product and ignore the other elements that are essential to having a successful implementation and ongoing use of their software solution.  There are three basic building blocks to a successful software experience: Partner, Process, and Platform.  Placing too much emphasis on any of these elements individually can be detrimental to the overall success of your ERP software project.  Therefore, it is critical to find the right balance by taking care when:

Selecting a Partner

Your ERP Partner is far more than just the company that sells you a solution.  When you purchase an ERP system from a partner, you are establishing an ongoing relationship that ideally will carry you through the life of the system in your organization.  A trusted partner will be able to craft the ERP solution that you select so that it fits your unique business needs and will evolve with your changing needs over time.  Select a partner that also sees your ERP implementation as the beginning of the relationship, and not the end.

Stay Focused on Process

In order to ensure you are choosing the best solution for your business, your software selection process should be centered on your unique processes.  No two organizations do business in the exact same way.  Your needs are unique to the way your business operates and that should not be ignored in the software selection process.    Having a trusted partner walk you through the software selection process in such as way as to mitigate the risks you take in implementing a new system while ensuring that the solution is a good fit for your business processes is priceless.

Selecting a Platform

Selecting a platform on which to run your business is a weighty decision with a number of factors.  The right ERP solution will be familiar and intuitive to your people so that they will want to use it, flexible enough to adapt to your unique processes, and efficient enough to help you streamline and automate your processes. The powerfully simple new Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 platform can accomplish all of this while delivering value quickly to your organization.

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By Socius, a Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner in Ohio, Kansas City, and California

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