Quick Access to Paystubs Keeps Employees Focused on Your Business

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It's payday and you know what your employees are thinking about…right?  John is focused on how he is going to close that big deal, and Mark is remembering what today’s special is, and Kim is helping the client finish project tasks. Maybe not. They are each wondering how much money was deposited in their account to cover the mortgage, the phone, and the car payment.

Help your employees focus on business

Employees have real lives with real concerns. Why not help them (and the business) by giving them immediate access to their payroll information. They can stay focused on the business at hand with peace of mind.

Sometimes, it’s the most basic things that will make your employees feel appreciated. And now, giving them instant access to their paystub is simple and affordable with Pay Stubs Online for Dynamics GP from KTL Solutions.

Changing requirements in the workplace

The need for Pay Stubs Online has grown as work habits have changed and internet access has expanded.  Companies with multiple locations, workers spread out across the globe, and home workers have all made the Friday ritual of handing out paychecks a thing of the past.  Direct deposit is the norm and workers want to access their financial information online.

As a restaurant chain with locations spread across the Mid-Atlantic found, employees appreciate the quick access to their payroll information. When payroll is posted, all restaurant employees receive an email notification including a link to the Pay Stubs Online window. The secure website automatically handles lost passwords allowing the centralized accounting team to stay focused on their work.

Configuration settings for Pay Stub Online Manager allow you to control the information you share with employees, including benefits, deduction, and PTO balances. Security settings control how sensitive information is displayed, such as a Social Security Number and bank account number.

Pay Stubs Online is available through your Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner or directly from KTL.  For more information to help you keep your employees focused on business, contact Gary [email protected]  or 866-960-0001.

by KTL Solutions, Washington DC Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

2 thoughts on “Quick Access to Paystubs Keeps Employees Focused on Your Business”

  1. Hi Gary Francart, thanks for posting this unique information about pay stub. Really employees are the real pillar of every organization and its a good idea to give them immediate access to their payroll information, with this employees will be more focused on the their work and most importantly the relationship between employees and employers will get better.

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