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Microsoft Dynamics GP Competes with QuickBooks Pricing

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There are two kinds of people in this accounting software world (for the most part). Those currently using QuickBooks, or those that previously used QuickBooks. If I were to generalize the experience in one sentance, most say it "kind of" does what they need but "it was cheap" so they’re "dealing with it".

The result? They compromise the efficiency of many processes by letting the software dictate their procedures through limited setup options and configuration. *big sigh from me*

When I ask about the 5-year plan and how they see the company growing, I can see the disappointment when it’s realized QuickBooks won’t meet their future growth and simply will not cut it much longer. *big sigh from client*

Today I’m telling you, perhaps asking you, not to feel pressured to use other accounting software just because ”it’s cheap”. You can afford a long-term solution that will scale with your business and give you room to grow.

Here. It Is.

Pay $3,000 and get 5 Microsoft Dynamics GP Licenses. Microsoft is offering the same pricing as QuickBooks. Yes, I found it on QB's website. To be 100% clear, the only difference is, they include the first year of support/upgrades in that price. Stoneridge Software provides support and we have support plans.

Why throw away time and money implementing a solution that is forcing you to compromise from the very beginning? Start planning now for the future of your business and acquire a solution that fits around you. We can guide you through the process from sales to implementation to training and support.

Stoneridge Software is a Microsoft Gold partner, with years of experience implementing, selling, and supporting Microsoft Dynamics GP. Please contact us for more information.

One more thing. Stoneridge Software specializes in the training for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft CRM. We host multiple workshops and webinar, and they are accessible via remote connection. Check out our upcoming events, and join us!

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