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Does Your ERP Software Solution Support You in Fulfilling Your Mission Statement?

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Most successful business have a clear, concise mission statement uniquely designed to articulate their organization’s essential nature, values, and goals.  So when you venture out to implement software systems to improve your business processes, will the software allow you to focus on fulfilling your Mission Statement?

As a partner with Microsoft, we work collectively with their technical teams to ensure that our Microsoft Dynamics customers receive solutions that deliver the ability to accomplish their goals.  To focus on their core values and deliver goods and services the way they envision is a key requirement for customers , both to succeed in business and to carry out their mission.  A big portion of our clients are non-profit and do have theological mission statements, so you can imagine this carries great weight with them.

Microsoft’s “Edge” team has started a blog series that we are following specifically to identify key features that businesses are looking at to pick the right solution.

Their first topic centers around businesses having to change to use their solution instead of finding a solution that works for hundreds of thousands of existing customers.  Microsoft is letting the customer’s voice speak for itself.  Be sure to continue to follow this blog series – and we will continue to comment on it throughout the series.  You may find that some questions may not be your most important focus, but we definitely agree with this first one being high on the list of questions prospects should consider!

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By Abra Lynne Gilman, Collins Computing, Inc.  "Count on Collins, Count on Success"

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  1. Yes you are right for achieving your target in less time ERP software is the best, it just needs a good implementation of the erp software.

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