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Custom Lookups Allow for Increased Efficiency with Dynamics GP 2010

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In previous blogs we discussed some of the bigger “wow” features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 that can significantly increase efficiency. A couple of those bigger features include using Microsoft Word (2007 and later) to customize invoices, purchase orders, and other documents; as well as the ability to email invoices, purchase orders, and other documents directly from the software.

Another feature that can be overlooked is the ability to add restrictions to the various lookup windows in Dynamics GP 2010. Throughout Dynamics GP lookup windows can be opened to assist us with finding the information for which we are looking. This includes inventory items, customers, vendors, employees, and other areas. These Lookup windows provide us with a way in which to narrow down the list of customers (or other entities) to a smaller list enabling us to find the information we need.

In previous versions of Dynamics GP we could open these Lookup windows and adjust what information was displayed. This was done by selecting predefined selections. Now the lookup windows can be customized per user. For example if you have users that only need to work with a subset of vendors then we can set up a restriction so that only the vendors from that class appear for the user.

This is particularly useful in a situation where you find you have loads and loads of “master” data. I worked with a client who had over 500,000 customers in their database. These customers were separated into different classes which made reporting easier, but selecting the correct customer when entering transactions was not as easy. It can become quite a chore to sift through rows and rows of customers. We were able to define which users needed access to which customers. We then setup Custom Lookups to restrict the lists of customers to just the customers the specific user needed. The feature always allows us to turn it off, in case we need to see the entire list, but having the initial list pared down from the beginning really helps when trying to find items in really large lists.

As you can see from small feature adds like Custom Lookups, to the larger more apparent features that all accounting packages should have, Dynamics GP continues to make improvements focused on increasing efficiency for the users. If you feel you are underutilizing you GP installation, or would like to discuss GP to replace an underperforming ERP/accounting package, feel free to contact us at Intelligent Technologies, Inc. to discuss how we can help you get the most out of your investment.

-By Grady Burris - Sr. Consultant - Intelligent Technologies, Inc.

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