4 Keys To Successful Training on Your New Dynamics ERP System

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Congratulations!  You have successfully installed your new Dynamics GP system, migrated over the historic data, and built your financial reports.  System testing has gone smoothly, and now you are ready to begin the end-user training stage.  This is a critical time for the launch of your new ERP system, and mistakes made now can be costly.

The Business Process Review, completed earlier in the project, will now provide the key steps in training your end-users on your new processes.  Employees will be much better at relating their training to their own environment, rather than using a standard “training company” and training materials.  The key here is to make training as realistic as possible, to provide the maximum effect.

TMC follows a dedicated training model that encompasses 4 key steps:

  1. Train on real processes – Leverage the Business Process Review.  The processes identified in that document are the basis for conducting business at your company, ensure that training covers all of those processes.
  2. Train on real data – Don’t rely on the sample company for training purposes, that is not its purpose.  Build a training company, populated with your own data, so that the training experience is more meaningful.  Your staff will feel more comfortable with the new system if they can see their own items, their own customers and vendors.
  3. Train in real time – Use a dedicated training environment.  This can be a workspace that is assigned to the project, or suitable rooms can be found at off-site locations.  Enforce a “no cell phone or blackberry” policy during training.  No distractions or interruptions.
  4. Train hands-on – Most people learn and retain far more by being immersed in the experience.  Get their hands on the mouse and the keyboard, practice doing what they will be expected to do once the system is live.

“I see and I forget

I hear and I remember

I do and I understand”

-       Confucius

By TMC, your Southern California Dynamics GP Partner

4 Keys To Successful Training on Your New Dynamics ERP System

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