What Should Your ERP Solution Look Like? Now and in the Future

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The landscape for ERP software is an ever-changing one, making it difficult to keep up. And if you’re focused on your business (as you should be), it’s even harder. ERP Software should support core business processes with more automation and fewer resources, helping you meet the needs of your clientele while saving money. But because of technology’s changing nature, there are a few things you’ll want to pay special attention to regarding ERP Software, now and into the future:


  • Customized functionality- Companies realize that their needs are unique and one ERP system that helps a shoe retailer won’t be able to meet the needs of a medical device distributor. For this reason, ERP Software should be customizable and easy to work with. This is a great example of why working with an experienced software provider can help you get the solution that’s right for you.
  • Role based views- Employees within companies also need to see data relevant to their job descriptions in order for ERP software to streamline internal operations. For example, the finance controller will have different screen layouts from the production controller because their jobs require different sets of data. ERP Software should tailor to this need easily today and has become a requirement for most companies.


  • Mobility- This isn’t too far into the future, in fact it’s more like the present. But the importance of mobility will increase even more in the coming years and we need to pay attention to this within ERP Software functionality.
  • Cloud Options- The hot topic in recent technology news is, of course, about cloud computing. This is getting more and more popular because businesses need flexibility. So be on the lookout for options to run the same ERP Software on-premises or in the cloud.


If you’re interested in learning more about ERP Software functionality, please contact us at Cargas Systems. We are an employee-owned software and consulting company specializing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP.


By Julie Fuller with Cargas Systems,  Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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