Top 5 Best Practices for Field Service Firms

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Microsoft Partners, SBS Group & Field Connect, teamed up to present a 1-hour educational webinar for field service businesses. This webinar reviewed how the best-in-class field service companies are using tablets, smartphones, laptops, portals and GPS devices to improve their operations. Field Service expert, Rick Galyean, outlined the Top 5 Best Practices for Field Service Firms. These practices include:

  1. Integrate your work order system with your accounting package – along with job cost, accounts receivable, accounts payable your accounting system should include a work order system. Dispatchers, billing staff, service managers and field staff should all be working from the same software.
  2. Sophisticated dispatching is important – knowing where your team members are and getting them to jobs efficiently is really important. More money is wasted with guys driving between jobs than most other activities.
  3. Access real time data – the link between what’s occurring in the field and dispatchers and customers must be real time. Everything can be done more easily with a good understanding of what is happening in the field
  4. Don’t let pennies leak – most service operations do not have one major item that if fixed would make everything wholly efficient. It is usually many smaller leaks of money that add up to lots of money together, but individually, aren’t that much.
  5. Use technology to retain customers – the more technology you offer to your customers and the more they have access to information, the less likely they are to purchase from someone else.

Interested in learning more? Request a copy of the presentation from SBS Group at [email protected] or 732.476.5909.

By: SBS Group – New Jersey Microsoft Dynamics SL, GP, AX & CRM Gold Partner

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