The View is Better From the Cloud: The Benefits of Cloud Accounting

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If someone offered you an accounting system that could save time, increase customer satisfaction, consolidate financial data, and provide real-time business visibility, would you jump at the opportunity?  If you learned that this same accounting solution would eliminate your need for expensive hardware, backup, and recovery plans, would you believe such a product existed?  And if you then were told that it would cost less than you are currently paying for your more error-prone, less efficient financial software, would you run to the nearest supplier of such a product?  Of course you would!

Cloud Accounting is that product.  It provides project and financial information in absolute real time, allowing businesses to make more informed decisions, to deliver on time and on budget, and to create more profitable and persuasive bids for prospective clients.  Cloud Accounting provides visibility throughout the entire life cycle of a product, thereby yielding higher productivity, performance, and profitability.

Sounds pretty fabulous; doesn’t it?  It gets even better.  The flexibility of Cloud Accounting is unparalleled.  Supporting customized reporting through its on-demand platform, it also ensures that remote staff members have complete access to vital information.  And, as your business grows and evolves, applications can be adapted as needed, without expensive IT support.

Is the view truly better from the Cloud?  Absolutely.  Contact Brittenford Systems for more information about your business’s future accounting solution or read success stories of our happy clients using Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL in the mid-Atlantic.

By Brittenford Systems, a West Virginia Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL Partner

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