PaperSavePro™ Helps Ironman Better Its Time and Bottom Line

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World Triathlon Corporation (WTC), owner of the Ironman brand, is behind the world's most identifiable triathlons, but its accounts payables staff never felt the thrill of victory until they got PaperSavePro, a document management and electronic workflow solution that is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics.

 Based in Tampa, WTC operates 14 other global offices, each collecting invoices for hundreds of events the company hosts annually. Each race incurs its own expenses in providing services to participants and the staff, including office supplies, car rentals, insurance, and barricades.

 WTC needed PaperSavePro to help solve its workflow issues. "Somebody in Germany would receive an invoice in the mail or email, print it out, write the general ledger codes on the invoice, have somebody sign it saying it was approved, scan it and send it in an email to the Tampa office where they would print it out again," explains Mark Fox, project manager. "It was up to a six-week process." In Tampa it would take a full day to process 20 or 30 invoices, some of which were scribbled with handwritten notes in languages that only the originating countries could interpret.


“I absolutely would recommend PaperSavePro. It has reduced our cost to process an invoice from $30 to $40 for each transaction to around the $2 to $3 mark, and the productivity of a single staff person has gone from 20 to 30 invoices a day to--and we haven't seen the upper end--250 to 300-plus invoices a day per AP staff member."

--Mark Fox, Project Manager for World Triathlon Corporation


To find out how WTC improved their processes and reduced operating costs, read the Ironman / World Triathlon Corporation Case Study!


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