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Microsoft Dynamics GP Subledger to GL Reconcilation. Are You Utilizing the Tools You Have in GP?

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I have found that a lot of our clients don’t realize that Microsoft Dynamics GP added a VERY useful tool as of Version 10:  I call it the “Subledger to GL Reconciliation Tool”, though its actual name is simply “Reconcile to GL”.  You can find it under the Financial “Routines” menu.  (Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Routines > Financial > Reconcile to GL)

The “Reconcile to GL” tool helps you find differences between Payables Management (and GL) and Receivables Management (and GL).  Accountants always run their monthly Aged Trial Balance reports for General Ledger, Accounts Payable (Payables Management) and Accounts Receivable (Receivables Management) at the end of the period.  The GL balance for the Accounts Payable account(s) should match up with the total on the Payables report and the GL balance for the Accounts Receivable account(s) should match the total on the Receivables report.  Usually, if you are posting everything through from the subledgers to the GL, your posting dates are correct, and your default accounts are set up correctly, the balances match with no problem.  However, sometimes those numbers don’t match and accountants have to start digging through detailed transactions to see what went wrong.  That’s when the “Reconcile to GL” tool can be a lifesaver!

The “Reconcile to GL” tool is fairly self-explanatory as far as how to use it.  You simply choose whether you are reconciling Payables or Receivables Management, put in your A/P or A/R account number(s), type in your date range, and click “Process”.  The tool goes through the transactions for that date range, analyzes the information, and produces an Excel Spreadsheet that shows which transactions look like problems.  It lists transactions as either “Matched” (no problem found), “Potentially Matched” (might be a problem) or “Unmatched” (likely a problem).  The system makes the determination about which transactions are problems based on their source, their type, and whether the transaction traces back to the subledger appropriately. 

I can tell you from firsthand experience that the Reconcile to GL tool is a real timesaver.  If you didn’t know it was there, or if you knew it existed but you didn’t think it would be helpful, I urge you to make it your first step the next time you don’t have an immediate match between GL and your Payables or Receivables subledgers!

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Beth Hodge, Microsoft Business Management Solutions Professional

Intelligent Technologies, Inc., South Carolina Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

2 Responses to “Microsoft Dynamics GP Subledger to GL Reconcilation. Are You Utilizing the Tools You Have in GP?”

  1. Thank you for your comment. The question you’ve posed is a complex one that’s outside the scope of this post. Without getting into specifics, it seems that someone in your organization has done something like a GL write-off of old items or voided old documents and not let it post to General Ledger. For more detailed assistance we recommend you contact your Dynamics GP VAR. Don’t currently have a VAR? Call us at (336)315-3935 to discuss your specific needs.

  2. Our GL and AR Trial Balance has matched until September 2014. All of a sudden, it is out of balance. I traced it back to a bunch of unmatched transactions in August of 2007!!! How does that happen all of a sudden? Now, every report we run and back date, doesn’t match. Also, the amount seems to be growing. It was $18k and is not $62k. Any ideas on how to correct or research if there is more that is going to happen? We are still in 10 and upgrading is on the horizon yet a little way off.