Is Microsoft Going to Sell Its Dynamics ERP Business?

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 These economic times are frightening enough without rumors, so when rumors began to surface that Microsoft might not be satisfied with its Dynamics business application portfolio, some people in various partner circles began fearing the worst: that Microsoft would sell Dynamics and possibly doom all of those products to failure. Despite the rumors, the issues with downsizing, and legitimate budget concerns, Microsoft executives seem more confident than ever in Microsoft Dynamics business software and the network of highly-skilled professionals who sell it and use it. Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, spoke at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2011 and assured everyone that he is more than satisfied with the current state of the Dynamics business and future projections. Ballmer stated that he was very pleased with it and looked back fondly on its growth from Microsoft’s initial acquisition of Great Plains (the foundation for Microsoft Dynamics GP) to the current suite of solutions that includes Dynamics NAV, SL, and AX. "With sales of more than 1 billion U.S. dollars and a profit of multi-hundred million dollars, you must understand that we are completely steeped in business applications,” Ballmer said reassuringly.

 There is no doubt that Microsoft Dynamics has been profitable and looks promising for the future. Microsoft is committed to its business applications and has no plans to sell the Dynamics unit. What it does hope to sell, however, are great business products that continue to evolve as the Dynamics unit matures. That includes its progression into the cloud and several other exciting ventures. For Microsoft, its partners, and its customers, this is not a time to be dreading a rumored collapse, but to be excited about a promising future.

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 By InterDyn BMI – Minnesota Microsoft Dynamics GP and AX Partner

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