How Online Self-Service Portals Can Help Your Customers

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Sometimes customers are happy to help themselves when it comes to web sales and support offered by a company. During these challenging economic times, many companies are realizing that a robust online self-service portal is a competitive necessity, a key strategic differentiator and a great way to grow your business. Providing better customer-service capabilities online can improve staff productivity and responsiveness as well as improve the overall customer service experience.

Allowing customers to manage their own account information and personal data themselves, saves companies time from answering customer service calls and managing customer information. With customers demanding access to specific product information and personal data like account transactions, it is becoming necessary to implement tools like Online Self-Service Portals that allow customers to manage themselves.

Online self-service portal tools can help in a variety of ways. For example, one of our clients, Roland DG, a business-to-business online store, allows orders to be placed in a secure environment while providing customers the ability to check their order history, track shipping orders, manage their account, and pay off invoices while simultaneously being able to pull information from their financial ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics GP. Roland DG Australia's B2B Portal

Above: Roland DG Australia's B2B Portal allows for ordering and tracking of information that is stored in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Here are the top four ways self-service portals can help customers better manage their information.

  1. Order Tracking

Order tracking provides a way to search through orders and invoices by PO Number, Document Date, Document Number, or Item Number while also showing the status of whether an order has been shipped and where it is located. Allowing customers access to this information greatly improves customer service representative productivity by reducing the number of phone calls to customer service representatives, and gives customers greater convenience to quickly find more information about their order or account.

  1. Validating if Items are Available

Sometimes customers are unsure if certain products are carried and whether they are in stock. With features like item and quantity validation, customers can easily validate products online. No need to call a customer service representative to find out if an item is in stock.

  1. Changing Account and Profile Setting

Online self-service portals also provide greater convenience with the ability for customers to make simple changes to an account including address, phone number and email address quickly and easily.

  1. View and Pay Invoices Online

Many self-service portals also provide customers a way to view and pay invoices online at any time directly from a portal when they want.

Azox Online Bill Pay

Pulling this information from Microsoft Dynamics GP dynamically through to a website is a great way for customers to more easily access the information they need. By also freeing up service representatives it allows workers to focus their efforts on more vital areas of the business. Now more than ever companies must adapt and provide services their customers want. A more complete self-service portal that is integrated to a back office financial ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics GP is one way companies can help their customers.

By Azox, Inc. - E-Commerce for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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  1. I like how you mentioned that customers can easily validate certain products with the help of self-help portal. My brother is planning to put up an online clothing store, and I think that having a self-help portal will help his business. I’ll advise him to consider having this on his website.

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