Get Smart (Two Smart Tools for Every Microsoft Dynamics GP User)

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AIM Technologies’ consultants are crazy about two very smart tools that every Microsoft Dynamics GP customer should own. They’re so handy that we include them on all new customer proposals.

SmartView (from eOne Solutions)

We love SmartList and we teach all of our customers to take advantage of the power of ad hoc queries to improve productivity. SmartView has taken SmartList and made it even better.

Why we love it:

  • It’s much faster than SmartList
  • Cut and Paste directly from results into Excel
  • Drag and Drop Grouping and Subtotals
  • Easy checkboxes to add/remove columns


SmartFill (from Rockton Software)

It’s like Google for Dynamics GP lookups.

Why we love it:

  • SmartFill allows you to type part of the Name, Description, or WHATEVER you know into any ID field, and then intuitively discovers the correct ID and types it in for you.
  • It makes data entry so much quicker and easier
  • It works with all Customer, Vendor, Item, Account, and Employee fields throughout Dynamics GP and any 3rd party product.


AIM Technologies is a Louisiana-based partner focused on providing tools and training to make the Dynamics GP user experience more productive. Let us help you discover the most productive solutions for your business!

By AIM Technologies – Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM Gold Partner – Louisiana

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