ERP Software Implementation Failure, Is the Software Always to Blame?

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Businesses typically implement accounting/ERP software systems with hopes of making their daily processes run more smoothly and efficiently.  Therefore, it is only natural for them to start blaming these same systems when problems arise, particularly those problems related to tasks covered within the accounting/ERP system’s reach.

Before you chuck your ERP system, and the huge investment you likely poured into it, out of the window, you might want to consider if it is even the real culprit.  It is easy to blame something not capable of defending itself, but it will not benefit your business at all to do so.  Consider these other factors before you start passing the buck.

  • Was your ERP software implementation plan truly successful or were there problems at certain levels within your organization?
  • Did your ERP software training actually work? Is everyone within the organization comfortable using it?
  • Did you choose your ERP software system for the right reasons (i.e. because it fit within your business plan and long-term goals)?
  • Are there other problems within your organization?  Look at employee evaluations, productivity, and the processes you use in general, not just those related to ERP.
  • Have you given it enough time? Do not expect miraculous results overnight.
  • Did you know how to choose the right accounting/ERP software partner to work with you?

It is easy to start playing the blame game anytime a business struggles.  If you could not blame your ERP system, you might want to blame something or someone else.  In reality, many factors can cause production to drop and workflow to be less fluid.  Remember, an ERP system may promise magical results, but it is only a tool, just like any other technology.  You must make it work for you rather than you working for it.

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 By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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