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Dynamics AX 2012: Increase BI with Analysis Cubes

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Analysis cubes are an important tool in business intelligence. An analysis cube is a set of related measures and dimensions that are used to analyze data. From the analysis cube data, developers can create reports and key performance indicators (KPIs). Business users can use the reports and KPIs in the client or from a Role Center to analyze the data that is modeled in the analysis cube and to identify statuses and trends based on this analysis.

In previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX, analysis cubes required the user to have full license keys and access to all data. If not, configuration keys had to be customized and this process was extensive and challenging.

In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, analysis cube settings are easier to modify to suit business needs and security levels. Through the use of the Analysis Services Project Wizard, it is easier to create or update SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) projects. Default cubes are available in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Users can customize the default cubes or create new custom analysis cubes by using the provided tools.


The analysis cubes feature has been enhanced extensively since Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 includes changes to the following functions:


  • Analysis Services Project Wizard
  • Setup Wizard
  • Workflow performance cube and reports
  • EMS cube and Role Center
  • Supply chain management cubes and dimensions
  • OLAP modeling improvements
  • Business Overview Web part


The analysis cubes feature is not a required feature and its use is dependent on the business requirements. It is a function commonly used by business decision makers, technical decision makers, implementation team members, independent software vendors (ISVs)/developers and the partners to have the intelligence necessary to make important business decisions.

by Solugenix,  Microsoft Dynamics AX Partner


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