Barcoding: Simplify Common Inventory Challenges with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Businesses that are in the business of controlling, managing, and distributing inventory through warehouses have quite a challenge when it comes to tracking inventory.  Often, they feel there are only a couple of ways to track inventory. They can track inventory manually or they can track inventory using software.

There is another alternative to track inventory. They can track inventory with barcode labels and quality barcode software and do it simply and easily.

Generally, inventory comes into a warehouse into the receiving area and that's where the challenge begins.  First the inventory must be received.  Then it must be put away in a warehouse location.  If the initial inventory is barcoded, the barcode may or may not be suitable for each particular business's inventory management needs.  That means that incoming inventory stock must be re-labeled with new barcodes or simply left unlabeled and put away.  If the latter is chosen, deciding that it's just too much work to barcode label inventory, good luck with finding that inventory item again when it's needed.  If, however, the incoming inventory items are labeled with barcode labels that are available as print on demand, the process becomes simplified.  Tracking inventory with barcodes saves time and money.

Another option is to simply create an Inventory Book with Barcoded labels so that you can scan in without physically barcoding all items in the warehouse. Utilize the Inventory Item and Vendor Item relationship to use existing vendor barcodes already existing in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Once the initial barcode label is applied to the inventory item, it can then be quickly scanned for its next location and easily monitored with barcode software.   Scan the barcode label to put the inventory item away, scan the inventory item's location, and the put away is complete.  Then, simply receive the work order to move the inventory to its next home - scan the barcode label of the location, scan the barcode label of the inventory item, scan the barcode label
of the next home.  Done, done, and done.

Barcode is quick. Barcode is accurate. Barcode is very well accepted by users as it makes their jobs in the inventory control process easier.  Track inventory with barcode and you'll begin seeing benefits.  Follow these basic guidelines and implement a successful Inventory Control and Inventory Management barcode solution:

· Review the Inventory Items to be managed

· Determine who will manage and maintain the inventory tracking system

· Consider how to barcode label inventory

· Consider the barcode hardware

Stoneridge Software offers a very effective, efficient and inexpensive solution to your Barcoding and Inventory Management needs.  Please contact us for more information or a demo of our solution.

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