Why IT Projects Have Such a Bad Reputation

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Projects fail for a number of reasons; one of the main reasons is usually due to a very high probability that there is a miscommunication with regard to a project’s requirements, time frames, or objectives. Communication gaps are usually the catalyst for IT project failures since expectations are not clear from the beginning. Before you start your next project, take the time to evaluate how the project will be managed and ensure that you have an open line of communication with your vendor to ensure that they are fully aware of your organization’s software goals and objectives.

Regardless of your industry, the key to success is a detailed and well documented methodology with a solid communication strategy between both parties. Microsoft has developed the Sure Step Methodology, where the primary focus is to clearly define the requirements and expectations from both the implementation team and the end-users therefore minimizing the risk of functionality gaps later in the implementation process.

Although this is an implementation methodology, I think the important part is arguably what happens before the implementation: the analysis phase. Often overlooked, a diagnosis of your organization before you start your project will help you have a better idea of the results that you should expect. By taking the time to complete this exercise, you will be able to better manage expectations within your organization and you will also have a better understanding of the outcome of the project. Once you have completed this exercise, you will be able to evaluate the solution in greater detail and know if will fit your business processes. This step lowers the amount of time required during the implementation phase since the analysis will become the guideline for the amount of time and effort required to meet the objectives for this project.

You may have heard that the Microsoft Sure Step Methodology requires an increased number of meetings and documentation before your software is even installed. Many feel this may be a little overkill for a smaller-sized project but don’t discount the methodology just yet. The Sure Step Methodology is just a guideline and it can be modified to fit your organization’s needs for a particular project. What is most important is that you have a well-defined analysis and a well-structured implementation plan. By doing so, you will decrease your chances of being surprised later on and increase your chances of a successful project.

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By JOVACO Solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics GP reseller in the Montreal region

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