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Why ERP Cloud is Fast Becoming a QuickBooks Alternative

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One of the most exciting thresholds a company will cross is the need for improved business process and the point when they know it’s time to move to a more sophisticated financial accounting solution – one that moves beyond basic journal entry and balance sheet audits.  It could be that your company has simply outgrown a solution like QuickBooks or come to the realization that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the future for better managing business process and improved efficiency across the entire company.  No matter the reasons, a growing business will be forced to move beyond and search for a QuickBooks alternative.  Below are the noticeable signs that indicate your company has outgrown QuickBooks and why ERP Cloud may be a fit for your organization.

Limited Functionality

Functionality is often a primary consideration point when selecting a financial accounting solution. So go beyond basic accounting with a QuickBooks alternative that offers improved financial and operational functionality.

SMB Suite and Microsoft Dynamics GP offer 15 key features not found in QuickBooks Essentials.  Below is the shortlist for preferred accounting functionality desired by many departments, not available with QuickBooks:

  • Intercompany accounts
  • Allocation calculations
  • Landed cost tracking
  • Forecasted demand
  • Ship-to on same order
  • Partial pay invoice

Poor Database Performance

Simplicity and power are often viewed as important factors when it comes to selecting financial accounting software. Although true, you also need a solution that is a fit today yet powerful enough to provide the framework and infrastructure to support growth tomorrow. In many cases, QuickBooks wasn’t designed to handle larger workloads, user counts and security requirements; and poor database performance is the last thing your company needs to face when you’re in growth mode.

SMB Suite and Microsoft Dynamics were designed with twice the built-in functionality than QuickBooks, with the capacity to scale from hundreds to thousands of users and handle large workloads.  By integrating and aligning departmental and business applications, we provide a means for you to leverage sophisticated reporting and decision making tools that are tightly integrated with Microsoft Office that you can tailor to fit your business.

Inadequate Financial Reporting

To compete today, small and medium businesses need to have the best planning, reporting and management tools available at their fingertips. That is, you must be able to quickly find critical information to understand the health of your company and where your business stands at all times. And having a better understanding of your customers will only drive improved bottom line results which in turn will allow you to make faster and more informed business decisions on the fly.

SMB Suite and Microsoft Dynamics GP go above and beyond by providing more than 700 standard reports out of the box that help reduce risk and allow users to edit in Excel or Word, and then view in real-time, through an integrated business portal.

Transaction Limitations

A small and medium business should never be held back by their financial accounting system. Being able to handle more customers, vendors, inventory items and customer requirements are key factors to the business growth and success of any company.

SMB Suite and Microsoft Dynamics GP will never limit the number of users, transaction volume or reports you can access. And having transactional integrity is critical for accounting departments that need the ability to go back and follow an audit trail for any given transaction. Depending on the version of QuickBooks being used, users are limited to 32,000 transactions or file sizes that reach 30MB and transactional integrity maybe in an issue.

Insufficient Integration

In the global marketplace, it is critical that you consider tools that allow you to integrate your operations with your supplier’s inventory and front office applications in order to drive additional responsiveness and profit. Waste robs profitability and having tighter integration and controls only gives your company that visibility needed to create profit.

SMB Suite and Microsoft Dynamics GP provide advanced integration by allowing users with access to Microsoft Office the ability to view information in Outlook, Word or Excel from within Dynamics GP without having to enter the Office applications and manually look up data.

So if you’ve outgrown QuickBooks, consider a QuickBooks alternative, including Cloud ERP. SMB Suite is the QuickBooks alternative that has proven to be one of the easiest, quickest and least disruptive cloud ERP solutions for growing businesses like yours.

For more information on moving from QuickBooks to SMB Suite, visit today.

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  1. Rightly Brought out,that Modern organizations should do away with old methods of financial accounting solution and adopt more sophisticated methods.

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