When The "Cloud" May NOT Be Right For You

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It does seem as though cloud computing and the benefits are everywhere.  Before I could list the benefits, I had to understand what cloud computing really means; but that was a bit of a challenge as cloud computing continues to evolve.  Using a Public Cloud, Private Cloud or something in between seems to be the right answer for most.

The next big step in cloud computing is applications.  Google apps and Microsoft Office 365 are the two big players that come to mind.  Microsoft Office 365 provides all of the standard office products like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in the cloud allowing for easy collaboration.

But what about other business applications?  It seems clear that CRM applications were the first to take the market by storm, they are widely accepted, and in many cases preferred.   It is not uncommon for sales organizations to need client information while on the road, and sales managers need to rely on workflow which allows them to analyze future sales.

Regardless of a company’s size, everyone needs an accounting application.   Microsoft Dynamics applications in the cloud are now allowing organizations of all sizes the ability to take advantage of a full suite ERP solution without the large initial capital investment.   Why shouldn’t the deep functionality of Dynamics GP (Great Plains) and SL (Solomon) be made available for all businesses and non-profits?  Well, now they are.  For a low monthly payment, these solutions are now available.

Even if you purchase a cloud accounting offer, there are still services.   Many times the cost of services can put an application out of reach for many small to medium firms.  Now, SSi Consulting is offering a low monthly fee which includes services.  No more guessing what your costs will be, everything wrapped up in one monthly fee….software, services, support, maintenance!

So let me go back to my first question, “when is the cloud NOT right”, so far I am still searching.

By Karen Riordan, SSi Consulting, offering cloud accounting solutions to the Mid-Atlantic


1 thought on “When The "Cloud" May NOT Be Right For You”

  1. We are looking at going cloud for a medium sized business. The business in in the fashion industry with turn over over $J1,000,000,000.

    We want to use windows GP dynamics as the accounting software.

    We will also be doing payroll for about 150 parsons and will opt for one developed locally

    What are the likely challenges we will face and what type of monthly cost structure we will face?

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