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Microsoft Certified Training – Required for Successful Dynamics ERP Implementations

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    When making the decision on who will implement your ERP solution, how much thought goes into Training?  The quality of training your partner delivers directly reflects the quality of support you’ll receive.  This eventually will  be the only thing you grade your partner on and it plays a big part in your satisfaction level with your ERP system.

    Your company may face several challenges today: improving performance, increasing profitability, and mastering a new comprehensive business solution. The performance of your software won't help you meet those challenges unless it is used optimally. That is why as your partner, DFC stresses training in application usage.

    There might be two, or ten, or even fifty people who may be called upon to adapt to the new technology environment and to master your new comprehensive business solution.  Getting your employees acclimated and confident is crucial to the effectiveness of the solution.

    Here are a few things to ask about your Partner’s training center.

    1. Is the training center Microsoft Certified? Are the trainers actually Microsoft Certified
      Trainers (MCT)? Microsoft Certified Trainers are the premier technical and instructional
      experts in Microsoft solutions.  We have five MCT’s.
    2. How many training classes have been provided in the
      past 6 months?  We’ve done 12.
    3. What does the next few months of training look like? Ask
      to see their calendar of events. Here’s our


    What does it take to be a Microsoft Certified training center?
    Microsoft measures how our clients grade our training and training center by surveys after each class. To maintain our Certification, we must constantly meet Microsoft’s qualifications.

    Why does it matter?  Microsoft Certified Trainers have completed rigorous training and met stringent technical certification requirements. Microsoft Certified Trainers are the only authorized source to deliver training by using Microsoft Official Courses.

    DFC is the only Microsoft Certified Training Center in North Dakota and one of the largest in the Midwest teaching over 20 classes in the past 12 months. We offer instructor-led classroom training in a structured, hands-on, question-and-answer environment.   View our training schedule to see which classes may increase your employee's efficiency and productivity.

    DFC, is a Microsoft partner, with over 20 years of experience.  Want to hear more about training on Microsoft Dynamics GP, or  Microsoft Dynamics CRM , Call DFC Consultants, at 800-277-5561 or email [email protected].

    By Sarah Mueller, Business Development,  Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in North Dakota

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