How Integrating Microsoft Dynamics GP with E-Commerce Can Save You Resources and Money

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A lot of companies who run either a business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), or sales order entry e-commerce website do not realize the potential cost that could be saved over time from having an online store that is able to seamlessly integrate to a backend ERP financial system like Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Before we explain where companies can save time, money, and resources by implementing an integrated e-commerce approach, it’s important to describe what is meant by “integration”. There are varying levels of integration, but when we discuss integration we are referring to the ability of a website to communicate and integrate with the back-end ERP system, allowing a change, or order in one system to directly appear in another system without the need for third party services or importing/exporting excel CSV files.

As for organizations saving costs, resources, and time in the long run, the answer lies mainly in the amount of maintenance needed to manage two separate sets of data between the website and the ERP system. For example, a company has a large amount of inventory items and is taking 400 or more orders a day. Taking those online orders and manually reentering them into your financial system can add hours of unnecessary maintenance per week. Additionally, you need to update pricing and inventory levels for the items on the website and if the correct numbers aren’t in sync between both the online website and back office accounting solution, you can run the risk of selling items you don’t have and consequently lose sales.

At Azox we frequently work with companies that experience a significant cost savings just from the amount of labor saved from not having duplicate data entry. Alleviating unnecessary tasks allows employees to be more efficient and productive. Diba Imports, a shoe distributor based in St. Louis, eliminated unnecessary manual data entry after orders were received in Microsoft Dynamics through Azox Sales Portal. Sales orders are placed directly on the website, improving staff productivity and focus.

To learn more about how you can save money and improve productivity through integrated e-commerce, we encourage you to download the white paper, “Cost Savings of an Integrated E-Commerce Approach”.

By Azox Inc., – E-Commerce for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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