How Cloud Friendly Packaging of ERP Software Can Save You Money

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Many aspects of business are evolving because of the cloud emphasis. One specific area is package pricing for ERP Software. Because many different applications are available through the cloud or a managed services model, vendors are packaging their software to help users optimize their solutions.

Many companies implement one solution at a time, adding on functionality as they need it or as they can afford it. The problem with this is that it really costs you more time and money if you take this step by step approach. Let’s say you implement Microsoft Dynamics® GP. You get the solution running the way you need it, train in all your employees, and continually optimize the solution as you go. Then you realize your customer service and sales departments need insight into GP as well so they can evaluate their sales margins, etc. Now you need to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM, train  your employees yet again and manage it as a separate solution on top of GP.

With packaging options, you can implement both Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM in tandem, train  your employees to leverage functionality of both systems (working together), and optimize the solutions so that they talk to one another from the very beginning.

Some companies do not have the upfront funds to benefit from implementing an ERP and CRM solution at once, such as GP and CRM on-premises. The cloud options available today help companies in this situation afford this functionality. Instead of implementing both solutions on-premises, you can implement CRM online along with GP on-premises. And soon, you could have the option of putting both GP and CRM in the cloud.

Cargas Systems is a software and consulting company, specializing in Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If you’re interested in learning more about the Microsoft Dynamics line, please contact me by emailing [email protected] or by calling 717.455.1090.

By Jullie Fuller with Cargas Systems, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner


With over 400 successful implementations and a 95% customer retention rate, Cargas is one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics partners in Pennsylvania.


1 thought on “How Cloud Friendly Packaging of ERP Software Can Save You Money”

  1. Great article. I am very excited about Cloud ERP and the potential opportunities for customers, however, I like to speak to the minority opinion for a balanced discussion. Just as ERP was deemed the panacea for all business automation pains, Cloud ERP is positioned as a revolutionary approach to deploying an ERP solution. Cloud ERP provides a solution that is flexible, adaptable, scalable, efficient, and affordable. Customers can enjoy painless upgrades, rapid deployment, and easy customization along with availability “anywhere at anytime”! Practically speaking, Cloud ERP is just another deployment option available to customers. The activities required for an “on premise” ERP implementation are also required for Cloud ERP. The scope and responsibility for the implementation activities may be different but most assuredly they are still required. Let’s further discuss the key impacts that a Cloud ERP deployment will have on the implementation.

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