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Five Steps to Improve Business Processes with Dynamics GP

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    Organizations that are “doing things the way we always did them” find that responding to change is becoming increasingly difficult.  There is no doubt that change has become a way of life and of business.  If you can’t serve your customers on their terms, not yours, they will move on to your competitor – just an internet search away.

    For those companies that need to reassess their business processes to meet customer expectations, Microsoft Dynamics GP is the perfect answer.  Dynamics GP makes it easy to put all those business processes in place, connecting your entire organization. It’s not just the accounting team that gets what they need. The HR, manufacturing, services delivery, and shipping departments all can use out of the box functionality to meet their unique needs. 

    To prepare for your Dynamics GP implementation, start by taking a fresh look at your business processes.   While it’s no small undertaking, with a systematic approach you can work through the processes and build employee buy-in along the way. 

    The framework for change

    There are five steps that provide the framework to support the business transformation process, including:

    1. Analyze current processes to identify those that are inefficient and inflexible.
    2. Define improvements that are needed.
    3. Prioritize through business cases.
    4. Prepare for adoption challenges.
    5. Implement and monitor results.

    Over the next five months, we’ll explore each of these steps in more detail to help you build a better employee and customer experience.   

    KTL recently published a case study for a project that resulted in business processes improvements for Global Aviation.  As David Trice, Sr. Business Analyst for Global Aviation said, “We are all creatures of habit – change is difficult. With KTL’s help, we were able to help employees transition to the new system and improve their work processes. KTL helped us replace informal practices with disciplined procedures.” For more about Global Aviation’s journey toward building the foundation for growth, read the case study

    When you’re ready to update your business processes to serve your customers better, contact Gary at

    by KTL Solutions,  Washington DC Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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