Comparing Toilet Research to ERP Software Research: Steps to Take Seriously

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The title of this blog may shock you, but I’m not comparing toilets to ERP Software, rather the research process of making the purchases. So…keep reading!

Recently my toilet has been acting up. It doesn’t flush when it’s supposed to and if it does, it’s much too slow. I finally decided to give in and purchase a new toilet. A similar situation to this is when you’re experiencing frustration with your current software solution. It may be overwhelmingly slow, limiting what you and your employees can do on a daily basis. Until finally, you come to a point, throw your hands up in the air and say “I’m done!”  Next step in both situations? RESEARCH.

As I was researching a new toilet, it crossed my mind, how similar this is to researching for new ERP Software. Some may say it’s completely different…and I agree, but let’s take a look at three steps I experienced in my toilet research that are similar for ERP Software research:

  • Gathering Data: I started out my toilet research by gathering information. I needed to find multiple brands/products/types and take them all into account. It helped me to make a spreadsheet list of what I found on the internet. When searching for ERP software, this can help you keep the pros and cons straight as you move forward with your search.
  • Reading Reviews or Case Studies: Once I had a full list of toilets in my spreadsheet, I started searching for reviews and pinpointing exactly what functionality I wanted for our purchase. When searching for ERP Software, this is extremely important and much more complex than the toilet research. You need to outline in complete detail what you need your ERP Software to do in order to make your job easier while enhancing your business processes. Make sure to ask other departments and always include the CEO’s input so that they are on board when you move ahead with implementation.
  • Determining Pros and Cons: Once I had my list complete, I could compare the pros and cons easily and accurately since I had everything documented in one place. Narrowing it down is a vital step in the process that will help you reach a decision that fits best for your business.

If you have any questions while in the research phase for ERP Software, please feel free to reach out to us at Cargas Systems. With over 400 successful implementations and a 95% customer retention rate, Cargas is one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics partners in Pennsylvania.


By Jullie Fuller with Cargas Systems,  Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner


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