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4 Tips to Successful BI in Your Business

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GIGO  − Garbage in, Garbage out − seems to be more prevalent now than when the acronym was first coined.  Apply this to your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and Business Intelligence (BI) and the results can be lethal.  More and more companies are spending extensive amounts of money implementing BI tools, yet not addressing the process of information coming into their ERP systems. 

In an age where data is king, effectively safeguarding the input process, combined with the appropriate BI tool, can provide a huge return on your investment as well as a unique competitive advantage in an ever changing and dynamic business world.   Below are several tips to help achieve an efficient and effective input process:


1.)  Understand the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – Understanding what you eventually need to have in order to make decisions is half the battle.  Once you know what information is vital to decision making, you can identify which application and subsequent BI tool is relevant.  From there you can identify the input points in your process.

2.)  Document the current process – By running through this exercise you are bound to find several inefficiencies around your current process. Is it possible to integrate with other systems?

3.)  Ask why?  – You would be surprised how many times a current process is never questioned.  Is there a better more efficient way?  Can you enhance a certain application to help with this?

4.)  Eliminate the human factor – Are there points in your process that can be automated?  What data has the greatest risk of being inputted incorrectly?   


Reliable data is the key with Business Intelligence. Once you have streamlined the information flowing into your ERP system, those BI tools you’ve invested in are now worth every penny spent.  A happy data set equals a happy decision maker!


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By Sean Ingalls Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer Account Manager, The Resource Group – Seattle, Washington Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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