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Price. Speed. Quality. Pick Two

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 You might remember this equation from your college Business 101 class.  Companies can compete on price, quality and speed (product or service delivery), but have to pick two out of the three. The conventional wisdom dictated that you couldn’t do them all and survive. 

Fast forward to today, a business environment where your customers are expecting all three.  Quality has become a given, and when I can order a Kindle from Amazon in the morning and have it in my hands that afternoon (I actually did this one recent Saturday), customers also have the “need for speed.” 

That leaves price, and in this challenging economy, the pressures on price are front and center.  In order to give adequate attention to all three competitive aspects – price, speed, and quality – your business processes and supporting systems must be up to the task.

 Here are some of the ways Microsoft Dynamics GP Distribution software can address each component of the equation:


  • Enhanced pricing functionality to manage customer specific pricing, quantity discounts, and date-based promotional pricing
  • Vendor Management functionality to help enforce negotiated contract pricing and provide insight into vendor performance
  • Workflows and alerts to manage the approval of pricing exceptions


  • Faster customer order processing with multiple options for integrated eCommerce and EDI
  • Real-time visibility into the status of customer orders utilizing status queues and rules-based workflows
  • Integration with a variety warehouse management systems to accelerate the pick, pack, and ship process


  • Ability to track reason codes for product returns
  • Robust business intelligence and reporting capabilities to quickly identify product sales trends that may indicate quality issues
  • Enhance the overall quality of the customer experience with out-of-the box integration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

 The Resource Group is a premier Microsoft Dynamics GP partner.  We can help you evaluate and implement a Dynamics GP system that will allow your company to compete on price, speed, and quality.  No longer a need to “pick two!”

To learn more, please contact The Resource Group at 425.277.4760 or email

By Earl Hunt, Microsoft Dynamics GP Account Executive, The Resource Group – Seattle, Washington Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner


One Response to “Price. Speed. Quality. Pick Two”

  1. Thanks, Earl. Well said. I’m sure most of us can relate!