Microsoft Dynamics SL Helps Government Contractors Stay Compliant

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Government contractors are faced with accounting rules and regulations that those in the commercial sector rarely (if ever) have to worry about. Doing business with the government means that you must adhere to complex governance and compliance rules. Government contractors must collect and retain detailed information to comply with audits by agencies such as the DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency). Government contractors have to deal with the reality that they are subject to rigorous audits with little or no notice.

Microsoft Dynamics SL is designed to specifically meet those needs. With Dynamics SL, a business can comply with government contracting requirements and grow their company, while keeping policies and procedures in place to support compliance with changing requirements.

Dynamics SL provides the Job Summary target and actual reports that are required for DCAA purposes. These reports are easily generated by Project Managers in a secure environment, utilizing familiar tools such as SharePoint and Project Server. These reports support the Labor, ODC’s, and Revenue numbers appearing in the Job Summary reports, and include:

Labor Hours Details: Displays hours incurred for the project. Columns include: Current Period, Year to Date and Project to Date (Incurred). Excludes cost information

Labor Hours and Costs Details: Displays hours and dollars incurred for the project. Columns include Current Period, Year to Date and Project to Date (Incurred). Supports the labor cost totals on the Job Summary report

Other Direct Cost Details: Report supports the Total ODC amounts shown on the Job Summary reports. The report is run by period

Revenue Detail: Report supports the Revenue totals on job summary reports


With today’s focus on cost savings and accountability to agencies, government contractors need to evaluate their internal operations and consider new software tools to stay competitive and facilitate growth. Dynamics SL gives you powerful, flexible and easy to use tools that allow you to do just that. To learn more and see a demo, please contact Intellitec Solutions at 866-504-4357.

By Intellitec Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics SL Partner serving Pennsylvania

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