Long Term Care Accounting – Integrating Admissions with AR and Billing

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Long Term Care facilities often face a dilemma: what is the best way to integrate critical information captured in census and clinical systems with their billing and accounts receivable applications. Though the task of doing this may seem large, having a system-wide integration like this allows LTC facilities to reduce administrative overhead and increase the timeliness and availability of financial information to department managers and executives throughout the organization. Among the benefits that can be achieved are:

  • Streamline billing information
  • Automatically apply room charges to resident bills
  • Audit all adjustments to accounting entries
  • Manage unlimited payer plans and instructions
  • Manage trust accounts effortlessly
  • Easily track collection notes and tasks
  • Utilize any third party accounting system through integration
  • Drive billing from provided census information
  • Automatically bill resident accounts with electronic payment
  • Provide a single bill for resident couples
  • Manage leaves and holds to avoid complicated billing procedures
  • Bill residents upon demand


Yet despite these benefits, many organizations maintain separate clinical and accounting software. The net result, unfortunately, is that many large organizations have systems in place that were intended to be monolithic centralized systems but instead operate in a decentralized fashion, reducing the level of integration and increasing costs, precisely what ERP systems were designed to control.

Many LTC facilities have concluded that a comprehensive financial management upgrade makes the most sense.Upgrading to an improved ERP solution such as Microsoft Dynamics GP can give your organization the tools to fully integrate with your clinical and census packages. It can sharply reduce the time and effort for key accounting tasks, provide easy access and analysis of integrated, updated information, and connect smoothly with operations across your entire organization.

By Intellitec Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner serving Pennsylvania

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