Drill-through Reporting in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

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With the inclusion of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports in MS Dynamics GP 2010, Microsoft has given us another tool to provide vibrant reports for the end users.  Not only can we use SSRS to create stand-alone reports to give users the information they need, but we can also include these reports in the Business Analyzer.

But another very nice option when creating SSRS reports for use with Dynamics GP 2010 is the ability to add “drill-through” capabilities.  This means that we can create a General Ledger report that lists journal entries.  By itself the report gives  users the information they are looking for, but what if there is a question about a “funny-looking” journal entry.  Maybe the amounts looks too high or too low, or somehow out of place.

By adding “drill-through” functionality to the report we give the end user another level of control over what the report can provide.  By clicking on a “drill-through” enabled field on the report, we can open the Journal Entry window, with the questionable JE already pulled up.  This allows the user to seamlessly jump from the report, to the window inside Dynamics GP that holds the actual data!

Out of the box drill-through reporting in MS Dynamics GP 2010 provides:

  • New Dynamics GP protocol handler allows drill thru from any external location that provides hyperlinks
  • Ability to create a seamless link between external reports and data within the Microsoft Dynamics GP application
  • Twenty-three drill back fields across multiple reports
  • Additional detail reports are available to display information pertaining to data point selected in the metric
  • Supports multiple drill fields on each detailed report
  • Drill back fields can be added by Partners, ISV’s, and Customers to new or existing reports

Did you catch that last line?  “Drill back fields can be added by Partners, ISV’s, and Customer to new or existing reports.”  This means we will not have to stick with the “out of the box” reports that Microsoft provides with drill back fields and that we can add these fields as we see fit to completely new reports.  If you have additional questions or would like more information feel free to contact us at Intelligent Technologies, Inc.

by Intelligent Technologies, South Carolina Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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