Blanket Releases… It’s About Supply Chain Management

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Most ERP systems have sophisticated purchasing requisition and approval systems, but few have an order processing system that can manage blanket orders with ship schedules against the blankets. In a Blanket Purchase Order, a fabricator takes a customer order for, say, 20,000 pieces of an item but asks to take delivery on a schedule. The schedule is sent usually via EDI to the fabricator.

But now the job has just begun. The schedule must be woven into the production schedules for the immediate week, the next week, and continue until the blanket schedule is fully integrated into the short and long term production schedule. Then MRP must be used to calculate the next cascading supply requirement going to the fabricator’s supplier of components and raw materials, some having weeks or more lead times, to get the material on order for its ultimate fabrication and shipment to the customer. Any miscue in the process could lead to over/under parts or material shortage in the supply chain.

AIM Vision addresses the needs of the supplier who must use EDI to manage their released demands against purchase orders from multiple trading partners and is required to print AIAG based barcode labels with each shipment. This fully automated system provides the base EDI software and related bar code capabilities for over 200 trading partners including Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda and Toyota.

AIM Vision will analyze and group product demands [orders and releases], normalizing the multiple formats and business rules from customers, into a single easy to interpret production part demand format over a multiple week demand window creating a smooth demand flow.

If you are an automotive supplier or are working with an automotive supplier who needs to address Supply Chain EDI requirements, contact AIM Computer Solutions, Inc.

We are a Michigan Microsoft Gold Certified ISV Partner with automotive-centered ERP and SCM solutions that are certified for Microsoft Dynamics.

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