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As discussed in previous posts, Paperless ERP automation technology helps businesses track and manage information they can use to address the 1099 challenge and related issues, but it is only part of the solution. Meeting business challenges while affecting savings requires integration between AP/AR automation technology and Microsoft Dynamics GP, AX, SL and NAV to unlock the value of intelligent automation.

Paperless accounts payable and accounts receivable automation technology offers tremendous value when integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions. Prior to integration, all organizations should ask three major questions to make sure their prospective AP technology partner understands operational ERP issues, as well as how to fully integrate ERP capabilities with AP technology. It is this understanding that provides the organization the greatest chance to capitalize on the opportunity for AP/ERP technology integration, promoting procure-to-pay (P2P) cost savings and efficiency and generating return on the organization’s ERP investment.

  1. What is the extent of the technology partner’s experience integrating Paperless AP technology with ERP solutions? How many ERP-user organizations have you helped? In how many industries? What ROI range can be expected? Can you provide ERP-customer references?
  2. How much of your AP technology’s functionality is duplicated or otherwise available in ERP solutions? Can employees easily search for an invoice or a supporting document using any combination of information? Whether using ERP or your solution, can those employees key information only once?
  3. Can accounting leaders using your AP document management technology use ERP to maximize their own visibility into the P2P process? Can project managers be notified as various workflow steps in the project are completed, speeding approval process and promoting speed and accuracy in P2P?

While technology can play a vital role in promoting confident decision-making using trusted data, Paperless AP technology works best when it is fully and strategically integrated with the organization’s ERP solution to drive intelligent automation and promote real efficiency and ROI.

By Nick Sprau, Metafile Information Systems

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