Three Prevalent Trends for ERP Software: SaaS, Vertical Focus, and Mobility

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Whether you use ERP software, sell ERP software, or are just plain interested in the ERP software market, it’s important to know what others are doing to get the most out of their solutions. Insight into three trends will hopefully give some insight into what’s around the corner as well as what is already here.

  1. Hype of the SaaS: Software as a Service (SaaS) allows any sized company to have the advanced capabilities that ERP can bring. CIO’s are also growing more accustomed to the model after seeing much success in the CRM sector. Doing more with less has never been so critical, and now SaaS makes that possible for every company out there today.
  2. Strong Vertical Focus: This is becoming a key theme as customers want more industry-specific solutions to meet their unique needs. This direction has greatly impacted the channel strategies of many software vendors. Microsoft, however, has foreseen this move and been preparing for it. That is apparent in their solutions today. For example, Microsoft Dynamics SL continues to meet the needs of Government Contractors with its project functionality. Microsoft’s partner channel also allows for a wide range of industry expertise in every area. The support of Microsoft and thought-out roadmap of their executives helps Microsoft Dynamics maintain a strong vertical focus.
  3. Mobility: Smartphones and tablets are quickly transforming us to the mobile age. What may have started as an entertainment trend is now in the business world to stay. Employers are pushing their staff to be accessible through mobile devices. And now ERP software data can be accessible to employees through those same devices.

These three trends really speak to where the ERP software market is going. Companies crave flexible and industry specific solutions that help them do more with less.

By SSi Consulting, Maryland Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

SSi Consulting is a Gold-Certified partner serving customers in the Mid-Atlantic area offering hosted Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics SL at very low monthly rates. Whether you need accounting software, job cost accounting, help with your wholesale/distribution supply chain, or business management solutions for non-profits, SSi is your total solution provider.

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