Staffing Agency Manages Finances with Just One Person Using Microsoft Dynamics GP with Project Accounting

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A client of ours is a staffing agency that manages 600-700 employees and can do so with an accounting department of just one person using Microsoft Dynamics GP. Even though their company also experiences high turnover and can add up to 50 employees a week while sometimes losing just as many, they can keep up with these changes because of the usability and flexibility of the Microsoft Dynamics GP solution.

Previously, this staffing agency was using an old version of Deltek for accounting and Payroll and facing an expensive upgrade to their latest version.  Our pre-sales consulting team at The TM Group, a Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner with dual Gold competencies in ERP and CRM based out of Michigan, was able to identify and deploy a new accounting, payroll, and billing solution for this large staffing agency. With 600-700 employees to manage, they needed automated processes, seamless integration with their current line-of-business systems, a user friendly interface, and flexibility.

This staffing agency needed to effectively manage their employees as well as meet the needs of their customers who temporarily hire their employees. Now with Microsoft Dynamics GP, everything originates with the project timesheets.

With Project Accounting in Microsoft Dynamics GP, this agency can create an invoice for their customers as well as process payroll automatically once the timesheets have been posted. The accounting department  can easily select a customer, a project, and an employee, then enter the number of hours worked. Then Microsoft Dynamics GP transfers those hours into the appropriate hourly rate, processing payroll every week. Project Accounting within Microsoft Dynamics GP will also take those hours, multiply them by bill rate, and create an invoice for customers. This streamlined automation frees up their accounting department from manually entering hours to payroll and then re-entering invoices for customers.

The agency also doesn’t have to enter multiple points of data in multiple systems since Microsoft Dynamics GP with Project Accounting does it all, including General Ledger, Financial Statements, Accounts Receivable and Payables, Payroll, and Direct Deposit. One point of entry for their billing and invoicing is the streamlined process that allows them to manage so many employees across so many customers.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is also easy to navigate for this staffing agency. Since they add up to 50 employees a week, it needs to be as user-friendly and manageable as possible. The accounting department still needs to enter the basics when onboarding employees, such as deductions, taxes, payroll ID’s, and direct deposit details. But once this is established, the payroll work flow takes care of most everything else. The process is much easier when employees leave, as they just have to check a checkbox that triggers the exit process for that employee. Since the turnover rate is quite high, this simple process saves the company a lot of time.

There are third party solutions for staffing agencies that can be added to Microsoft Dynamics GP, but  that can really add up for companies. This staffing agency was able to deploy Microsoft Dynamics GP with Payroll and Project Accounting and establish the functionality they needed without that extra cost. This says a lot about the capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics GP and the flexibility of the solution.

This staffing agency is able to manage all of this with just one employee in their accounting department. Because we have over 27 years of deep experience with Microsoft Dynamics at  The TM Group, we know the advanced capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics GP and the possibilities it can create for your company. If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or call 888.482.2864.  You can also visit our services homepage to learn more.

By The TM Group, Michigan  Dual Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Partner for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint

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