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Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing: Material Resource Planning (MRP): Part 5 of 5 Part Series

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    If you missed Part 1 – Costing and Inventory ControlPart 2 – Controlling Inventory Quantities using Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing , Part 3 - Controlling Manufacturing Production with Bill of Materials and Routings or Part 4 – Understanding the Status of Manufacturing Orders read up!
    For those of us in manufacturing, a common term is Material Requirements Planning or MRP.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP, MRP enables the Production Managers and Buyers to have visibility on when made items and purchased items are needed to meet Sales and/or Manufacturing demands.
    A few of the useful pieces of information include:

    Gross Requirements - how many units of a specific item are needed in a specific timeframe.

    Scheduled Receipts  - how many units of a specific item have been confirmed and are a firm order.

    Net Requirements  is what MRP looks at when planning
    MRP provides you with manufacturing and purchasing SUGGESTIONS.  You still have control as to what you manufacture and purchase.  MRP says “I see the need to produce this item on these dates based on orders in the system” leaving you in control, with information at your fingertips to make the most educated decision.

    As the Buyer and/or Production Manager you can then create Purchase Orders or Manufacturing Orders from within MRP based upon the suggested quantity.   Plus, all of this information is date driven so you can easily look at supplies and demands by Days, Weeks, or Months.

    Let DFC Consultants help you implement or improve your Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP).  Contact us at 800-277-5561or visit us online at

    By Allen Phillips and Terry Borchardt, North Dakota Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing Partner

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