Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 – Powerfully Simple Defined

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With the launch of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 expected in August of this year, excitement is building around what Microsoft has tagged as Powerfully Simple.  But, what exactly do the buzz words ‘Powerfully Simple’ mean in regard to Enterprise Resource Planning ERP software?

Powerful is defined as ‘having great effectiveness’1.   Dynamics AX 2012 delivers just that.  Dynamics AX 2012 has deep industry-operational functionality out of the box for manufacturing (lean, discrete, and process), retail, services, and public sector along with strong core ERP functionality for financial, HR, and operations management.  This gives you a 360 degree view of your organization allowing you to make more effective decisions.  Dynamics AX 2012 is scalable, so as your business grows and changes Dynamics AX 2012 is powerful enough to grow and change with it.  Users are empowered by Dynamics AX 2012 through role tailored insight, increasing their productivity. All these features in one package enable Dynamics AX 2012 to provide rapid time to value – and that makes a powerful impact on your bottom line.

Simple is defined as ‘not complicated’1 which is what you want your ERP solution to be.  Simplicity has been engineered into Dynamics AX 2012.  The familiar Microsoft Office interface helps drive faster adaptation and broader adoption for end users.  With interoperation with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Sharepoint, and Microsoft Lync, collaboration becomes simple.  For IT staff, simple comes in the form of easier maintenance and upgrades.  With simple running throughout your organization, your staff can focus on the more complex issues your company faces.

Dynamics AX 2012’s Powerfully Simple innovation will give your organization the tools to plan, see, and change your business quickly as opportunities develop.   That will give your organization a power of its own.

To see learn more about Dynamics AX 2012, read this white paper or watch this pre-release demo.
By Encore Business Solutions, Dynamics AX Recruit Partner for Western Canada 2010.

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