Micro and Macro - What Makes a Good VAR?

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They say the beauty is in the details.  Businesses hinge on hundreds of details, all unique and vital, which when brought into focus provide an overall picture of how a company operates.  It's these details that can doom an ERP implementation, as their effect on the organization as a whole can be immeasurable. 

When evaluating business partners for an ERP implementation, a company needs to make sure that the VAR has the depth of resources available to mine these details in order to bring to the surface the overall pattern - the broad vision being cast by the leadership of the company.  The deployment of a new software application will be a marriage of two organizations - a partnership that must provide equal benefit to both entities. 

Business partners that provide ERP software services must go beyond the bits and bytes of the technology and provide a true level of industry expertise.  Ideally, a VAR will have as many true business consultants as they do software engineers.  Surfacing pain points in order to justify change is necessary, however the business partner must also understand and communicate the impact of change to the end-user.

Selecting the correct business partner is just as important as selecting the correct ERP system.  A true "partner" will take the time and energy to uncover the details, the micro, in order to see the broad pattern, the macro.  Jackson Thornton Technologies and Jackson Thornton PC understand the concept of partnership and are available to assist in this all important decision.

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