Let Document Management Soften the Blow of a Disaster

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Lately there have been so many tragedies stemming from the fury of Mother Nature.  From the flooding of the Mississippi River to the deadly tornados in the Midwest, South and even the Northeast, we haven’t seen weather like this in decades.  With this type of devastation, it should make you ask the question whether or not you are you safe from floods, tornados, earthquakes, fires, or hurricanes.

People are the most important asset to any business.  The second most important asset is their business data.    Every night, backups are performed on vital databases such as accounting and customer relationship management (CRM), yet the one thing that is left unprotected is the wealth of information contained in documents.  One way of preparing your business for a disaster is by putting measures in place to protect its business-critical information.  According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, about 25 percent of businesses that are affected by disaster fail to reopen.  The primary reason is because they are unable to recreate lost data that is vital to their operations. 

Don’t be a statistic, there’s a solution to enhance your disaster recovery efforts.  PaperSavePro stores your documents electronically in a SQL database which is easily backed up. Besides significantly enhancing your disaster recovery plan, PaperSavePro also increases efficiency in your day to day operations and streamlines your processes with our electronic workflow and seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics and the Blackbaud suite of products.  Don’t wait until it is too late.  Protect yourself today while sleeping peacefully at night knowing you are protected. 

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  1. Our thoughts go out to those affected by the recent disasters. The physical and mental devastation is heartbreaking. Thankfully our team members in those areas are okay. Have you been affected by the recent events?

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